eSpresso City 700EQ - Dark Silver/Black

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The Merida eSpresso family are extremely versatile with men's, women's and low step through city versions.

All eSpresso sit on fast rolling 700c tyres, perfect for use in town, on gravel tracks or cycle paths.

The eSpresso City is in its second iteration and with some clever design and engineering improves on the size of the step through to make getting on and off even easier.

A potential issue when you design a low step through frame is there is no top tube to keep everything stiff, a little like the problems of creating a convertible car. Fashion dictates that a battery should be concealed, which exacerbates the problem further as a big hole needs to be cut in the down tube to house the battery. The clever solution that the Merida engineers came up with was to mount the battery on top of a very stiff down tube and then cover it with a cowling. The result is a super stylish, stiff strong and great handling bike.

The eSpresso is designed in European style to be used as part of daily life so comes equipped with everything you need to use the bike for any occasion and any weather.