Matts J20 Plus - Light Blue

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It’s all about light weight and simplicity for kids to be able to have maximum fun.

Merida use lightweight rigid forks instead of cheap suspension forks as suspension forks at this level tend to work poorly but weigh a lot.

Fitting the bike with big tyres means plenty of air volume which adds a level of comfort and also plenty of grip.

The Matts J+ is fitted with 1x drivetrains and rapid fire shifters to keep shifting really simple and keep weight down.

All components are choosen to be as light and rider focused as possible.

The flip flop stem and spacers allow for the child’s growth, extending the life of the bike.

Being a Merida the Matts J+ is treated to a few runs through the paint plant for undercoat, paint, decalling and finally a lacquer coat meaning it scrubs up well for passing down the family or selling on when the rider is ready for their next stead!