Scultura Force Edition - Bronze/Black

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The Scultura has been the powerhouse of 4 generations of Merida sponsored or supported ProTour teams powering them to world tour stage victories.

The CF2 frame has a slightly less aggressive geometry than the pro riders use and is made of cheaper carbon fibres to keep the price down.

The CF2 designation indicates that the designers delivered more than a basic frame, that would logically be named a CF1!. Merida are all about engineering and frame design is at the heart of everything they do, it goes against the grain to develop a carbon frame and try to make it cheap as that would make it heavier than the aluminium version and that defeats the point.

The frame features truncated NACA fastback profiled tubes for aerodynamics and profiled seat stays for additional comfort.

The powerful hydraulic disc brake calipers are mounted on the chainstay for better dissipation of braking forces using the flat mount standard for a neat, flush fit. Calipers sit on top of CNC'd aluminium Disc Cooler fins which reduce operating temperatures by up to 35%.